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The United States single mother sink river suicide

According to American media reported on April 13, 12, the New York city Hudson River, a double homicide occurred in just 25 years old single mother of four children alone raise extremely burden, driving the children sank into the Hudson River to suicide. Due to the four children age are small, only 10 year old son broke the window success, suicide woman escape with three other children unfortunately drowned.
13 earlier, New York city police first announced the four dead's identity: 25-year-old pull sheshan da Armstrong, 5-year-old orchid Elton Pierre, 2 years old, Nancy Pierre and 11 months of lai, Anna Pierre. It is reported, pull the above three children of bashan is the birth mother, just pull of bashan is driving the children into the Hudson River. In fact, the time of the crime of the oldest child pull bashan - 10 year old son pull shane, because in the car will swim, add strength is bigger, pull shane break car Windows climbed out of the car, swam to the sinking rescued after ashore.
The case occurred in 12 night 8 o 'clock, pull his mini of bashan driving car to take a child to bread from her home about 60 miles of the Hudson River. Due to the rising tide of bashan, pull comes when driving into the water of the Hudson River water than in peacetime to deep several meters, car, after been submerged in the water rushed out very far. Rescue, 10 firefighters salvage dozens minute just found underwater minibus, pull sheshan reach and three children's bodies were pulled up together. Surviving pull shane when the crime was committed to the police about some of the situation, he said, "mom it was scary, she put her we call to the car, then drove his car into the river, she looked so angry."
Pull the aunt of bashan, "said cobolli gigli amber pull of being a good mom hassan, in order to make four children live better, and she also complete several part-time job, also said to let the children go to the best schools, or words to that effect. She a person with four kids really very not easy, she always complains to me that live very tired."
After reading these you want to write?
I personally think: the pressures of life will be one powerful, also can make a person lose the desire to life. This paper told the mother, because life is forced and made radical approach. Could we change position think about her helpless. And also reflects on the poor oversight, the government of single-parent families to ignore the... .. Article reprinted in news.
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