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My mood sayings

I love to play also love discovering new things girl.
Japanese sakura is I've always wanted to go see for a variety of reasons, but only until recently has been postponed. When I have time to that, there was another explosion Japan, however, is deeply regret.
But recently I and found a let me interested. Recently on a popular five toes shoes. Curious me to buy a pair of. Bought when only think fun, but when I put it on going out, I found that a lot of people are looking at me, I think my face? What things. But I touch my face, and no thing. Behind have a little girl came up and asked: sister, your shoes for a characteristic oh, where did you buy it? Ha ha, the heart immediately feel: oh. I have pride in a name and she said the 5 toe shoes shop bought on... Next will be free to imagine!
By the way, tell you about five fingers shoes handsome guys who beauty of something!
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