Natural world

Natural world
Natural world


Body in foreign land, has been blown homesickness

The spring breeze flushes, the lone bright night, foreign rejected. Relies on the window and the empty street, Keith, night got dark, nocturnal creature gradually far. Since a long flute gradually lanes and far-reaching, who in blow, blow up lonely and thoughts. ¬
Silent moonlight shining, on a land gentleness; The breeze gently broken, raise soft long hair floats. I'm perplexed became apparent, I lift eye, look at the night sky, expect can with profound flute floating away. ¬
Floating away thousands of miles away, floating to hometown, far see, far cannot forget. Think feeling like qingyuan's flute, moonlight and sounded, the moonlight, countless nights swelled around the, light on. ¬
The awaken of spring gradually less, month like mirror, star like; Think feeling is very thick, cool wind in long night on. Remember also, as the moon, like hometown circle, the stars shone, where the stars. The night was warm, the street hometown never provoking winds blue. ¬
Hometown ah, hometown of the most warm spring, summer the most cool; Hometown scenery beautiful landscapes, the most beautiful, Hometown people the most tender feeling, the most really! GuXiangRen of memory, often sat playing CARDS, and playing chess lane that has interesting thing.but; Often chase in lane, chase, between mocked triumph; Often toiling in more lanes, industrious, sun samsara. ¬
¬ consciousness, I stomping ground, walk in the street, look at those familiar with people, they smile, comity, they beat it, they shouted, peace and easy to meet. I turned away from home to see, the eldest brother ye old, moved XiaoMuDeng, static smoking a HanYan, listen play section, look carefree; Hometown's aunt, middle-aged orgotten sweater, craft doorstep flexible, wrinkled, open smile on her face shining. How they are easy, really! ¬
Autumn wind bleak autumn wind swept through the earth, and autumn leaves. No consciousness, returned to foreign land, reward desolate night clothes guojin, but, on a cold. Here is my hometown, absolute not. There is no I expected, and not familiar with, no enrichment; Hidden in the edge of town here for a long time, finally I seek to stay; Here but not carrying my think feeling, and countless, countless sleepless night think feeling. ¬
¬ homesickness is a song qingyuan flute, throughout the night, all night, all night, think feeling in the dream, maintained, rooting from spreading. Knowable, I how to hometown nostalgia! Hometown ah, you will my soul to lock, my life and you closely linked. In countless days and nights, to dance with you, QuDi sound, dance dance a mind sorrow, a DuanNingJing memory, dance dance a splendid eternal, that a interaction, this lifetime sleepless. ¬
Often home to see.
This reproduced in Homesickness people.