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Prince William married

British princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) and prince William will be completed two weeks after the event, the United States "star life magazine leaks, Kate had yesterday" pearl tire dark tie "after the honeymoon is over, they plan to announce good news, and is pregnant daughter, if WangFeiDai Anna named to late.
Prince William wedding ceremony, the United States "by the global spotlight OK!" Magazine estimated would cost as much as $34 million, ranked the most expensive wedding in history. But the United States "star weekly quoted royal sources Chris that Randolph Wilson, 29, Kate and 28-year-old William continuation of offspring-means self-conscious pressure, yet royal formed first married and success. The palace already pregnant lachey, Kate LongZhong ":" they "came the son, old baby don't report." finally
Sources: "Kate originally worry for the wedding day, want to delay will morning sickness wedding, finally decided to will be held as usual." Magazine says, queen Elizabeth can't wait to embrace great-grandson, overlook the royal image, willing to turn a blind eye to let Kate "dribbling," marry.....
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